THE LITTLE OTHERS - a documentary on children of migrant background in Greece

The Tabula Rasa Organisation set the first and major issue and starting point of its action, the sensitive issue of immigration. The role of the migrant child in the new global reality is crucial. The documentary was completed in November 2010 and proposed in festivals in Greece and abroad.

The «Tabula Rasa Organisation» presents the new documentary film «THE LITTLE OTHERS», at the GREEK PANORAMA of the 13rd Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival


We invite you to watch the first multilateral recording of the phenomenon of “children

immigrants in Greece”, in the Documentary “The little others”, dir: Nikos Drosakis, the first screening of the documentary, will take place at the 13rd Thessaloniki International  Documentary Film Festival from 11-20 March 2011:

- 17th March 13.00 p.m., projection room «Stavros Tornes».

- 19th March 22.30 p.m., projection room «Tonia Marketaki».

The documentary film, also, will also be available at the Doc Market during the Festival. The documentary film is a 2010 production and its duration is 96 minutes.

We are programming the next screenings of the documentary in April and May 2011 in Athens and the rest of Greece, at dates that will be announced soon.


The migrant children, the “little others”, are themselves parts of a jigsaw puzzle in the Greek society, trying to be put together. They join their voices to express their angst for the future and their dream of a multicolored world that respects diversity. The documentary is divided into three parts: a) education b) social protection and c) integration. Some of the most important humanist and migration bodies in Greece participate in the documentary, examining the phenomenon from a legal, social and psychological point of view and suggesting solutions and potentials.


director- cinematography NIKOS DROSAKIS,music composer YANNIS PASCHALIS, art director- montage GIORGOS KOLIOS, sound  engineer  ANTONIS KOUTELIAS, sound design- sound editing   FANIS MARAGKOS, sound mixer GIORGOS KONSTANTAKIS- FANIS MARAGKOS, assistant of direction VAGELIS BESIS, assistant director KATERINA KONSTANTOPOULOU, photographies by ??LTOS PAVLOU- STAVROULA GEORGATSOU- IRINI KRIKOU, production assistant SOFIA ATHANASOPOULOU, subtitles KATERINA MALLIOU- CHRISTINA NOLAND, visual effects NIKOS DROSAKIS, Production Manager KATERINA MALLIOU, Film Producer – Executive Producer Tabula Rasa Organisation .

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