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 Author  Title Organisation Type  Publication Date
i-RED RED Annual Report 2011 - The rise of far-right extremism, hate crime and xenophobia in Europe RED Network Annual Report March 19, 2012
Pavlou M. - Prearis K. RAXEN Thematic Study: Racist and related hate crimes in the EU - Greece HLHR-KEMO/i-RED Study September 22, 2010
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights EU-MIDIS Data in Focus Report 2: Muslims FRA Research May 14, 2009
Miltos Pavlou Racism and Discrimination against Immigrants and Minorities in Greece HLHR-KEMO Annual Report April 30, 2007
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights EU-MIDIS: European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey FRA Research April 22, 2009