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A new study on youth work: making a difference for young people in Europe

EU-wide study brings together existing evidence to facilitate the understanding and appreciation of youth work.

A new study has been published, providing information about the value of youth work, and how it results in a range of positive outcomes for young people, enabling them to:

  • develop skills and competences,
  • strengthen their network and social capital, and
  • change particular behaviours.

Beyond the individual level outcomes, youth work is an important component of our social fabric, offering a space for contact, exchange, and engagement between young people, as well as between generations.

The study analyses the specific situation of the 28 EU Member States, highlighting the situation of youth work and its contribution to the well-being and development of young people.

Various actors and organisations are delivering youth work in Europe, such as youth clubs, youth centres and youth associations. In addition to street workers' activities, youth workers are providing support within schools, libraries or hospitals.

Despite this diversity, youth work has common core features; it focuses on young people, their personal development, and participation is voluntary.