In cooperation with Terre D’Asile – France and Comitato Italiano Rifugiati (CIR), i-RED is implementing in 2009 and 2010:

Terre D'Asile

Study on Improving the reception and care of unaccompanied children within the European Union by harmonising member States’ legislation

This comparative study investigates:

  • Definition of an unaccompanied child
  • Number of unaccompanied children in the territory
  • Age, nationality, migration patterns, detailed statistics
  • Deportation of  unaccompanied children at the border, to which countries, guarantees
  • Detention and conditions of detention
  • Access to asylum procedure and statistics of granting asylum
  • Legal representation for unaccompanied children  & shortcomings
  • Methods for age assessment and identification
  • Implementation of the Dublin II Regulation
  • Identification of unaccompanied children victims of trafficking
  • Protection system for minors recognized victims of trafficking
  • Access to social welfare and healthcare
  • Access to education and professional training
  • Administrative status and integration
  • Voluntary repatriation, guarantees and procedures
  • Forced expulsion of unaccompanied minors

The reception and care of Unaccompanied minors [ final synthesis report]