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 Author  Title Organisation Type  Publication Date
Miltos Pavlou One year after Utoya in a troubled Europe: Chimeras and Erinyes RED Article October 1, 2012
Pavlou M. RAXEN - Human rights issues and debates during the 2009 EU Parliament election campaign i-RED/HLHR-KEMO Research April 16, 2009
i-RED RED Annual Report 2011 - The rise of far-right extremism, hate crime and xenophobia in Europe RED Network Annual Report March 19, 2012
Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe Human rights of Roma and Travellers in Europe CoE Report February 27, 2012
Pavlou M. - Prearis K. RAXEN Thematic Study: Racist and related hate crimes in the EU - Greece HLHR-KEMO/i-RED Study September 22, 2010
OSCE ODIHR Hate Crimes in the OSCE Region - 2010 OSCE ODIHR Report November 17, 2010