i-RED is headed by Miltos Pavlou, a sociologist with legal and interdisciplinary scientific formation.
Currently he is heading i-RED, Institute for Rights Equality & Diversity, and leading the RED network combating racism & xenophobia aiming to cooperate in socio-legal and socio-economic research, by exchanging views and methods and by participating in joint research on racism, discrimination, migration and minority and excluded groups’ rights.
In 2007-2010 he has been the Director of HLHR-KEMO/i-RED, as the RAXEN National Focal Point on Racism and Xenophobia. He is member of the Hellenic League for Human Rights [HLHR], the Research Centre for Minority Groups [KEMO], as well as Senior Investigator of the Greek Ombudsman for Children Rights [GO].
His research activities include a high number of publications and public presentations on migration, racism and discrimination at national international conferences in Europe and Central Asia as international and Council of Europe human rights expert, fluent in 4 EU languages and basic user of another two. He is a national press columnist and co-editor of landmark collective volumes and publications on immigration and discrimination in Greece: ‘Migrants in Greece’ (2001), ‘Greece of Immigration’ (2004), Racism and Discrimination against Immigrants and Minorities in Greece: the State of Play (2007,) and the ‘Migrants & Minorities: Discourse and Politics’ (2010). His blog  - the Crossing towards Equality and Liberty - gathers some of his public interventions.
He is a long standing partner of the EUMC and FRA and he has been active in designing and implementing research and institution building projects in Europe and Central Asia, in cooperation with the Council of Europe, University and Ombudsman institutions, as well as with research and human development centres, agencies and major civil society organizations. He created the first Database on racist violence & crime in Greece providing on line reporting capacity, while monitoring and reporting of court cases concerning the legislation against racism, has been introduced by the authorities for the first time in 2010 upon his request and encouragment as RAXEN NFP Director.
He is active in supporting the Fundamental Rights civil society Platform since its early stages. As Rapporteur of the Interim Fundamental Rights Platform Panel he reported the outcome and suggestions of the 1st Platform’s Consultation to the FRA Management Board on October 2008. He was elected member of the 1st Advisory Panel to FRA in 2009.