The Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) is a network for cooperation and information exchange, set to act as the main channel for FRA's cooperation with civil society and to ensure a close cooperation between the Agency and relevant stakeholders. The specific tasks of the Platform are:

  • to make suggestions on the Annual Work Programme
  • to give feedback and suggest follow-up on the Annual Report
  • to communicate outcomes and recommendations of conferences, seminars and meetings relevant to the work of the Agency.

The Director of the HLHR-KEMO-Greek RAXEN NFP (  and i-RED Miltos Pavlou was elected as a member of the Advisory Panel / Contact Group to FRA, that has been appointed for a period of one year, during the Second Fundamental Rights Platform Meeting which was held in Vienna (5-6 May).

The i-RED and HLHR-KEMO Director, Miltos Pavlou as Rapporteur of the Interim Fundamental Rights Platform Panel reported the outcome of the Platform’s October 2008 Consultation to the FRA Management Board on October 2008.

Fundamental Rights Platform - October 2008 Conclusions & Suggestions for the FRA Work Programme